Legal Software

Using illegal software is a crime and although until now it was the company that responded to it, according to the new regulations already approved as of 07/01/2015, the administrators will respond personally.

The organic law that reforms the Penal Code was definitively approved on 03/26/2015 in Congress, after introducing the Senate to be mandatory as of July 1 instead of the usual 6 months. Among others are computer crimes, although many types, according to Article 31 will be the administrator of a company that responds before the law:

“Any person who acts as an administrator in fact or in law of a legal person, or in the name or legal or voluntary representation of another, will respond personally, (…), if such circumstances occur in the entity or person in whose name or representation .

Software companies are also defending against illegal uses. For example, Microsoft saves the IP addresses of computers where copies of Windows and other programs are activated. This way it detects illegal illegal activations from those addresses, which explains the fact that it has sued companies for this reason.

If your software is illegal it is important to regularize your situation before it has any consequences, so we recommend that you let yourself advise. We are currently licensors of Microsoft and other manufacturers and we can help you in the process of regularizing your licenses, or help you acquire some if you need it.

Remember, until now it was the company or legal entity that responded for this type of crime, but after the new reform, can bring penal consequences.